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In recent tourism studies, motivation is accepted as a crucial variable that explains tourism behavior and is used to understand decision-making and destination selecting. Studies show that many tourists travel to war-related areas, and war memorials are important attractions in these destinations. In Iran, war tourism and war-related sites (e.g. sites of the 8-year-old war) provided real good demands. The purpose of this study was to assess the motivations for travel to war-related tourism destinations. The war museum in Khorramshahr was selected as the case study. This research employed quantitative research methods with 270 valid questionnaires obtained for data analysis. Based on 18 criteria, the motivational factors were classified into four categories: publicity; interest in the acquisition of knowledge and recognition; facilities; and internal factors. Structural Equation Model (SEM) was used to analyze the data. The results showed that three of the categories, excluding the internal factors, influenced on creating the visitors’ motivation but the most important factor was about interest in acquiring knowledge and recognition (R2=0.645).
Keywords : dark tourism ، war tourism ، motivation ، war museum ، Khorramshahr
This research aimed to study the impact of management commitment, in service quality, on job satisfaction of employees in the hotel industry in five-star hotels of Eastern Azarbaijan province. The hotels included Pars Elgoli and Shahriar, and the study took place in the summer of 2016. Following simple random sampling, questionnaires were used for data collection. Participants were the employees of the five-star hotels in Tabriz City. This is an applied research; the data collection is descriptive, and it follows surveying. With the help of Structural Equation Modeling, the Smart PLS Software was used to analyze data. The results showed the management commitment, in service quality, including education, empowerment and rewarding, had a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction of employees. The results also showed that the reward had the largest path coefficient and that its impact on job satisfaction was higher than other variables.
jafar bahari - Sadegh Salehi - Marjan Bazleh
Keywords : tourism industrymanagement commitment ، service quality ، education ، empowerment ، reward ، job satisfaction
This research investigated the effects of social responsibilities on brand equity in tourism destinations. This is an applied study and follows surveying in goal and method. The statistical population of this study included foreign tourists who traveled to Isfahan and visited Naqshe Jahan Square in summer 2017. Data-collection instrument was a researcher-developed questionnaire based on the literature and it included 40 closed questions. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire were examined and confirmed through content and construct validities, and Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient. To analyze the data and to test the hypotheses, both SEM and path analysis were used in the SPSS and LISREL, respectively. The findings showed that social responsibilities in tourism destinations significantly affected brand through brand awareness; perceived value; perceived quality of tourism destination; the brand image of tourism destination; loyalty towards tourism destination.
Keywords : social responsibilities ، brand equity ، brand loyalty ، brand image ، tourism destination
Brand romance is an important construct in marketing. It refers to a potential mental state in response to the brand and is created based on a strong positive emotion, arousal, and the dominance of a brand in the subjective mind of the consumer. The aim of this study was to test the effect of brand romance on the four types of customer loyalty, including cognitive, emotional, conative and behavioral loyalty. In the qualitative section, participants were customers who were selected using purposive sampling based on the saturation principle. In the quantitative section, the statistical population included the travelers of five and four-star hotels in Mazandaran province. Members of the statistical population were distributed based on the stratified sampling method. Classes were determined based on the number of hotel rooms. Collected data were tested using Smart PLS software. The results showed that brand romance had a positive and significant effect on the four types of loyalty in the hotel industry. The highest effect was on cognitive loyalty and the lowest was on behavioral loyalty.
Amir Khazaei Pool - Farhad Hanifi - Vahid Reza Mirabi -
Keywords : brand romance, ، cognitive loyalty ، emotional loyalty, ، conative loyalty ، behavioral loyalty
Despite significant changes and developments in the tourism industry in South Khorasan Province, there is almost no systematic and scientific investigation in this area. Given the region’s population, the number of tourism agencies and related activities has increased. However, these businesses are not stable, and managers of such agencies leave their businesses after a period. Employees, too, dislike their working conditions. This study followed an applied and descriptive approach. The study included all tourism agencies in South Khorasan and considered all their employees. The statistical population comprised 105 employees of tourism agencies. Data were gathered based on a standard questionnaire where scores above 4 showed problems with the functionality of organizations; scores closer to 7 illustrated essential problems; and the scores below 4 showed negligible problems. Weisbord Six-Box Model was used to analyze the data. The results showed that the tourism industry in South Khorasan was not in proper condition and that people working in this area were looking for some improvements in their conditions.
- Amir Ghorbani - Abolghasem Raesi
Keywords : tourism industry, ، tourism agencies, ، South Khorasan Province, ، Weisbord Six Box Model, ، human resource management

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